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I'm Babak, Welcome!

     I used to develop websites for small companies and educational institutes; if you’re an existing client and need help with your website please email me or If you are a recruiter and curious about my previous startup you may visit my portfolio. Otherwise, welcome to my journey! On this website, I’m talking about me, my journey on how I started my life in the U.S. five years ago with 100$.

My Portfolio

About Me

     Five years ago, I started a new life in the U.S. with 100$ in my pocket, no parents to seek shelter or money from, nor a safety net. I barely spoke English, and if it wasn’t because of the series of fortunate events, I could’ve been homeless by now. But I made it, finished my school, started a startup, and got a professional job. Nowadays, I’m focused on becoming a sales engineer.

Understanding people fascinate me. Discovering a latent pain is my skill; the joy of solving a problem no one knew existed is my motivation.