I'm Babak. I make Websites

        I develop websites for small companies and educational institutes. I experienced the business and customer point of view. I hire freelancers. I like dealing with bugs and errors. I’m passionate about learning new and necessary technologies.


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Website Design


Website Design

Let’s hear your business story and customize your website base on that! Each story has its own color, and theme. 

Branding & Logo

I design logos, and know how to market your business. Let’s get your business online and show the world your potential!

Content Strategy

Each page should have a meaning, and there should be a reason behind each design and elements. Let’s not overwhelm the visitor with texts

Built From Scratch

I can create custom website from the scratch for you, using technologies such as React JS, Bootstrap and Python.

Choose a Premade Template

CMS has an advantage of over custom build websites; they are quicker. and sometimes they could get way cheaper if I use a premade template.

Maintenance & Updates

I provide services for maintenance and update. I also could teach you to maintain and update your website on your own!

Website Development


About Me

Hello! I’m Babak. I’ve Been Building Websites for 4 Years

        I look at a website as a living object; the more people feed it, the more it grows. To keep feeding it continuously, people need to be able to maintain their website on their own, which is exactly my goal. People should have the option to avoid calling their web developer for simple tasks such as changing a picture or text. My product guarantees that you will be able to adapt your interface on your own

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