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I'm Babak, Welcome!

        I used to develop websites for small companies and educational institutes; if you’re an existing client and need help with your website please email me or If you are a recruiter and curious about my startup you may visit my portfolio. Otherwise, welcome to my journey! in this website I’m talking about me, my journey on how I started my life in the U.S. five years ago with 100$.

My Portfolio

About Me

        Five years ago I started a new life in the U.S. wtih 100$ in my pocket, no parents to seek shelter or money from nor a safety net. I barely spoke english and if it wasn’t because of the series of furtunate events I could’ve be homeless by now. But I made it, finished my school, started a startup and got a professional job. Now days, I’m more focus on becoming a solution engineer, somethign that I learned I’m very good at, this skill will help me to potentially change the world!

I don’t know how to word or express my experiences of my journey in terms or words; as I know what happend to is exceptional, and if it wasn’t because of my luck, heping hands and reselience, I would’ve be homeless right now, so here you go, I want to to give it try.

  1. Chapter One (LAX)
  2. Chapter Two (Sponsor)
  3. Chapter Three (San Damiano)
  4. Chapter Four (Drivers License)
  5. Chapter Five (Mentor)
  6. Chapter Six: (First Job)
  7. Chapter Seven (Damino Designs)
  8. Chapter Eight True talent
  9. Chapter Nine(Community College)
  10. Chapter Ten (University)
  11. Chapter Eleven (
  12. Chapter Twelve (Change)
  13. Chapter Thirteen (Regret)
  14. Chapter Fourteen  (Graduation)
  15. Chapter Fifteen (Job)
  16. Chapter Sixteen (Coming Soon)