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        I develop websites for small companies and educational institutes. I experienced the business and customer point of view. I hire freelancers. I like dealing with bugs and errors. I’m passionate about learning new and necessary technologies.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Babak. I’ve Been Building Websites For Over 4 Years!

        I look at a website as a living object; the more people feed it, the more it grows. To keep feeding it continuously, people need to be able to maintain their website on their own, which is exactly my goal. People should have the option to avoid calling their web developer for simple tasks such as changing a picture or text. My product guarantees that you will be able to adapt your interface on your own!

        I came to the U.S alone as a refugee, almost 4 years ago, and began building my life from extreme poverty (homelessness). This business helps me to pay for my tuition and expenses. I am studying computer science at the University of California Santa Cruz, and I am a dreamer. I dream about changing the world, but I just don’t simply dream, I actively work hard to achieve my dream; projects I’m working on include Creative edge2 which is a program that advocates the entrepreneurship in the UCSC community and I am also interning at Baskin school of engineering working towards increasing the number of women in the STEAM field. It’s an honor for me to serve you and help your business grow.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media

My Vision

        I would like to see a world that everybody could share their ideas using internet with each other and make their content interactive enough that grabs their visitor’s attention to the subject that they are trying to put out there. I also envision a world that people maintain their website on their own without any knowledge of coding. To make that happened I use tools such as WordPress and Drupal.

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build


This is the phase one, let’s hear your business story, and define a theme


In the second phase, we design an sketch base off of theme


Design phase gives out a lot of layouts, let’s trim them to refine your theme


After refining the theme, it’s time to build the website

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


  • Web Developer at University of California Santa Cruz, Jack Basik School of Engineering
  • Former Web Developer and content manager at Genomics Institues
  • Former founder of Damiano Designs
  • Former Web developer and Graphic Designer at Laney College of Alameda
  • Former Web content manager at Berkeley City College 


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of California Santa Cruz
  • Associate degree in mathematic from Berkeley City College


  • Sponsor/Refugee matchmaking app: Currently, 15% of all the refugees that are coming to California end up homeless, this app helps them to find an alternative sponsor. Tech: Java, SQLite, Firestore, HTML, XML, jQuery, JSON (Jan2020 – present)
  • MovieNight entertainment app: We’ve all experienced indecisiveness when it comes to picking a movie to watch. Maybe it’s just a matter of picking a movie that everyone will agree on but either way, no one wants to waste time filtering through thousands of movies. It was not published on the market. Tech: Python, Flask, JavaScript, Python, Jinja2 (Python template engine)(November 2019 – December 2019)

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